Frequently asked questions

What is the problem we are solving?

There is a persistent primary care gap in which roughly 30-50%* of an employer’s population (typically the most vulnerable) do not have a primary care relationship. This means that a substantial portion of an employer’s membership are not actively engaged in their care, leaving chronic conditions either undiagnosed or unmanaged, healthcare needs being unmet and actions towards achieving overall better health not taken. In addition, this population has no accessible health “safety net” so they tend to utilize much more expensive care that is avoidable without long term benefits – emergency room, urgent care and specialist care to name a few.  Finally, when members want to engage in primary care as a new patient, they typically spend endless time on the phone scheduling a visit and have to wait many weeks to actually get into see a provider which is not conducive to closing the primary care gap.

*NPR, “As Out-Of-Pocket Health Costs Rise, Insured Adults Are Seeking Less Primary Care”

How are you different from other Virtual Primary Care Companies?

Hydrogen Health provides full stack primary care services, both digitally and virtually, in order to diagnose and treat Hydrogen Health provides, through its partners and affiliated professional entities, full stack primary care services, both digitally and virtually, in order to diagnose and treat dozens of chronic conditions.  By opening up both secure text and video channels, Hydrogen Health provides highly accessible, user-friendly primary care that actively closes the primary care gap for millions of fully insured and self-funded members. The use of K, our AI layer, enables our affiliated providers to deliver high quality primary care while reducing the typical practice variations that occur in the bricks-and-mortar as well as traditional virtual primary care world.  Finally, K delivers highly personalized health information to members facing urgent care needs and is also utilized to engage members proactively to ensure that individualized Care Plans are being followed to drive better longitudinal care. Hydrogen Health is hyper focused on closing the primary care gap and driving lower total cost of care.

How many people have access to Hydrogen Health services today?

Even though Hydrogen Health was formed in April 2021, as of May 2022, our highly differentiated solution will serve approximately 5M members coming from health plans and employers. This membership is independent to the over 6M K Health direct-to-consumer users.

Who are your doctors?

The K Health affiliated clinician team is made up of 350+ (and growing!) providers who are employed directly by a medical practice. They are board-certified, trained across a variety of specialities and are subject to credentialing standards. Our clinicians represent diverse populations and 59% of our providers identify as women*. Learn more at

*as of 6/21

What if a member needs in-person care?

We’ve found that the vast majority of visits to K Health can be resolved virtually – meaning no more unnecessary trips to the doctors office. However, when a member needs in-person treatment, their care team is always available to provide a referral for the care they need. If a member has a life-threatening emergency, they should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

How do referrals & integration work between a K Health affiliated clinician and an outside specialist?

When we refer to another provider, our referral order contains the contact information for our affiliated medical practice, as well as clear instructions for how results should be sent back to us. We also have processes and procedures to get results back from providers including the ability to centralize some electronic medical records upon the user’s approval.

What’s the difference between Hydrogen and K Health?

As leaders and experts in healthcare implementation, member engagement, and integrated value-based care, Hydrogen helps employers and health plans bring K Health’s advanced virtual primary care solution to their populations. Hydrogen is your partner in building more equitable healthcare and a better future for all. 

K Health provides advanced virtual primary care services by powering providers with data from millions of past patient experiences to get everyone faster and more affordable quality care.

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